Privacy Policy

Hi everyone!

WordPress websites work a little differently to other blogging systems because I unfortunately collect your private email addresses.

Firstly, rest assured this blog will not ever accept advertising.

Secondly, I have no plans to, and will not ever use your private email addresses.

Thirdly, please do not ever respond to an email from this website. If you are getting a private email from this website, it most likely means that the website has been hacked. And for that I am eternally sorry. The interweb is a strange place to communicate, and I’d much rather share a beer with you down at the local pub.

The website has a disclaimer on the home page due to EU concerns and EU legislation in relation to Cookies. This is an Australian website and there are no laws in effect in relation to cookies – we have enough problems without mucking around worrying about them. For those who are interested, Cookies are little tiny files which my web server chucks onto your hard drive, and there is no way out of that interaction from what I understand of the process. All websites do this. Rest assured that I do not access any user data (there usually is none in the cookies received from this website from what I understand of things given that my server sends information to your computer, and not the other way around). Be aware that some websites apparently load these cookies with information which is linked to aggregators for the purposes of selling you stuff and/or learning stuff about you – the user. I’m not trying to sell you anything, so relax and enjoy the ride and please rest assured that I do not intend to use your email address for any nefarious purposes.

Captain Chris of the Fluffy Collective!