Blog and Comment Code of Conduct

Fernglade Farm Blog and Commenters Code of Conduct

Blog: The Fernglade Farm blog takes maintaining polite discourse seriously. The intention of the blog is to write in an ethical manner and to not defame any person or other entity. The blog is a hobby and is not, and should not, be confused with a commercial venture. Guest posts and requests for advertising content will be politely refused.

Comments: By commenting on this blog the commenters agree to the following code of conduct:

  •  Comments will not be published if an ordinary, reasonable and, fair-minded person will take offence to that comment or it may damage an individuals or other entities reputation;
  • If a comment has the possible perception that it may offend others should it be taken out of context, then the commenter must either provide:
    – clear context to that comment so that the offence is avoided; and/or
    – if requested by the author or any of the other readers of the blog to provide a clear context so that offence is avoided.
  • Commenters have to ensure that when they are making any claims that may be defamatory, that they have credible sources for those claims;
  • If necessary use the language of the court system such as: alleged; and/or suspected to qualify a possibly offensive comment;
  • Please state clearly if you do not know or are uncertain about a particular fact or opinion;
  • Avoid making claims of a factual basis if you are expressing an opinion which may cause offence. These opinions should be prefaced with the words: “I think”; “he believes”; “she reckons”; “they claim”; “seems”; or “appears”;
  • If facts are part of the public domain then all that is required by a commenter is to point towards those facts;
  • Avoid commenting on possible allegations of criminality for an individual or other entity;
  • Avoid commenting on a person’s state of mind or motivation if that comment may possibly cause offence;
  • Criticisms of individual politicians should be confined to genuine political discussion;
  • Avoid mentioning company names and/or products if comments may cause offence and/or damage the reputation of those company names and/or products; and
  • Wherever possible avoid unsubstantiated rhetoric;


Certain comments will not be published under any circumstances:

  • Vitriolic rants will not be tolerated;
  • Cyber bullying will not be tolerated;
  • Comments which appear to be examples of trolling as it is generally understood, will not be tolerated;

It is the aim of this blog to act ethically and follow the golden rule of: “do unto others”. However, if you feel that the content of this blog has in some way offended you or damaged your reputation, please contact the author via a “Not for Posting” comment in the first instance containing the following information:

  • Your full name;
  • Email or postal address;
  • Provide a link to the specific text and/or other media which has caused offence;
  • State your case why you feel that this specific text and/or media has caused offence or damaged your reputation.

In most reasonable circumstances I will be happy to delete the offending text and offer a formal public apology.


With thanks to the following sources:

  • Inforrm’s Blog – How to avoid defamation – Steven Price
  • The Bush Lawyer’s Guide to Avoiding Being Sued for Defamation – Dr Greg Ogle