Privacy Policy

Hi everyone!

WordPress websites work a little differently to other blogging systems because I unfortunately collect your private email addresses.

Firstly, rest assured this blog will not ever accept advertising.

Secondly, I have no plans to, and will not ever use your private email addresses.

Thirdly, please do not ever respond to an email from this website. If you are getting a private email from this website, it most likely means that the website has been hacked. And for that I am eternally sorry. The interweb is a strange place to communicate, and I’d much rather share a beer with you down at the local pub.

The website uses a GDPR compliant WordPress add on which will ask you about privacy concerns, and that is largely a legal response to the latest EU regulations. Regardless of your response to the addon, please rest assured that I do not intend to use your email address for any nefarious purposes.

Captain Chris of the Fluffy Collective!